Call for Papers

2020 International Conference on Natural Science, Engineering and Technology (NSETC 2020) accepts both full papers and abstracts; we accept only manuscripts written in English and please submit your manuscript in Microsoft Word format. All submissions to the conference will be reviewed by two peers for technical merit and content. We welcome topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

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Sustainable Development and Technology

Natural Science
Astronomy, Astrobiology, Anatomy, Agriculture Science, Biology, Botany, Bacteriology, Chemistry, Forestry, Genetics, Geology, Materials Science, Mathematics, Medical Science, Meteorology, Microbiology, Mineralogy, Pharmacology, Physical Sciences, Physics, Systems Biology, Veterinary Sciences, Zoology
Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Food Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Nano Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Power Engineering Forest Industry Engineering, Structural Engineering, Software Engineering, Textile Engineering Thermal Engineering
Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Biotechnology, Cloud Computing, Communication Technology, Data Mining, Data Science, Energy Technology, Environment Technology Green IT, Human-computer interaction, Industrial Technology, Information technology Intelligent Computing, Manufacturing, Mobile Technology, Multimedia Technology, Nanotechnology, Ocean Technology, Renewable Energy, Sensing Technology, Telecommunication Unmanned Systems, Virtual Reality, Wearable Technologies.
Environmental Sciences
Distributed Energy Systems & Buildings, Advanced Energy Storage Technologies, Renewable Energy Technologies, Innovative & Emerging New Technologies, Solar Collector Technologies, Solar Thermal Power & Solar Desalination, PV Cells & System Technologies, Wind Power Technology, Biomass & Biogas Technologies, Geothermal Energy, Wave and Tidal Power, Methods of Environmental Analysis, Environmental Modelling, Toxicity and Eco Toxicity, Soil Pollution and Remediation, Transportation & Mobility
Information Sciences
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Computer and Software Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Engineering, Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Big Data Engineering, High Performance Computing and Machine Learning, Cyber Security Issues, Emerging Trends and Technologies in ICT Application, Information & Communication Technology, Artificial Intelligence.
Earth Sciences
Space Physics and Astrobiology, Atmospheric Science, Petrology, Paleoanthropology and Paleoclimatology, Teaching and Learning in Geosciences, Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geochemistry, Geotechnics.
Life & Biological Science
Advanced Biochemistry Computational & Systems Biology, Biomedical Ultrasonic Immunology, Bacteriology Developmental Biology, Botany Microbiology, Biochemistry & Biophysics Genetics, Cancer Biology Molecular Medicine & Human Disease, Bioengineering Human Anatomy and Physiology, Cell Biology Nero Musculoskeletal System, Biomechanics of the Human Genetics, Neurobiology Plant Science, Structural Biology Veterinary Sciences, Biomedical Polymers Hyperthermia-Biology, Physics and Instrumentation, Biomaterials, Biomechanics, BioSystems & Methods, Biotechnology and Bioprocesses, Biosensors, Bio-nanotechnology, Bio-instrumentation Techniques, Genetics, Biomass & Bioenergy, Biomedical Engineering,
Materials Science
Destructive and Non-destructive Testing, Microstructural Characterization, Failure Analysis Materials Applications, Energy, Biomedical, High Temperature Materials Characterization, Modeling and Performance Materials-Environment Interactions and Protection Materials Recycling and Other Related Topics Materials Processing and Product Manufacturing New Materials for Structural and Functional Applications, Innovative Composites, Functionally Graded Materials