Keynote Speaker

Hooman Farzaneh Associate Professor Kyushu University

Topic: Devising a Clean Energy Strategy in Asian Cities

Hooman Farzaneh is an associate professor at Kyushu University, Japan. He is particularly interested in issues related to quantitative and qualitative analysis and focusing on policy implementations designed to tackle air pollution problems at both regional and local scales. Prior to joining Kyushu University, Hooman worked at the Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University and the United Nations University. Dr. Farzaneh has more than ten years of experience in teaching energy-science-related subjects at various universities in Iran and Japan, and is currently the principal investigator of a funded research project entitled lean Energy Development in Asia-Pacific Cities at the Kyushu University Platform of Inter/Trans-disciplinary Energy Research. His recent books include: "Energy Systems Modeling"

Principles and Applications - 2019 and Devising a clean energy strategy in Asian cities - 2018.